10 Sob-Worthy TV Moments

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Last night Kyle and I were watching The Walking Dead and  I was just devastated when Merle is shown as a zombie and Daryl has to kill him. This led to a conversation about other sad TV moments. I pretty much decided how sad they were by how hard I cried and if it could make me cry the second (or third or fourth…) time around. It’s an extremely scientific method of research, I know.

10 Super Sad TV Moments:

1. Daryl finding Merle as a walker in The Walking Dead.



Holy crap. The reason I found this moment so sad was because I didn’t quite expect it. We were just getting to know Merle as more than just a racist asshole and then BAM! Dead. But Merle dying wasn’t the saddest part for me. What really hit me was when Daryl found him and then the camera focused in on Merle as a walker. It was so sad and I kind of forgot that Merle would become a walker when he died so it was just like a double punch to my heart.

2. Marissa shooting Trey on The O.C.



This whole scene was very emotional. I mean, seeing Ryan and Trey fight each other almost to the death was pretty devastating to begin with. Trey is just about to hit Ryan with a telephone and I really felt like he was going to die when Marissa shoots Trey in the back. What really did it for me was that god damn Imogen Heap song playing when it goes down.

3. Sun and Jin dying on Lost.



I was on the edge of my seat during this whole scene. Everyone is just trying to get out of the submarine but Sun is stuck. Jack, Sawyer, and Jin are all trying to get her out but then Sawyer gets knocked out. I kind of knew that even Jin didn’t think he could save Sun because he told

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Why Do No Harm Was Canceled

February 13, 2013 § 1 Comment

I love TV. Because I love TV so much, I give a lot of shows a chance, even when I shouldn’t. Like Two Broke Girls (come on, Kat Dennings, you’re better than that). When I saw the ads for Do No Harm, I was immediately interested for a couple of reasons. First of all, it centered around Steven Pasquale who was in Rescue Me, which I had finished watching in the past couple of weeks. Second, it seemed like an awesome concept. I love the idea of a modern-day telling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and I love the idea that there could be so many layers to this show.

So I watched it. And loved it. The first episode was great and I was legitimately surprised when I read the next day that it had the “lowest-rated in-season premiere of any any 4-network scripted program ever.” EVER! Even if people didn’t like it, how could it possibly get such low viewership for the pilot? My first reaction was sadness because I was sure we wouldn’t even get a second episode of the show and I knew we wouldn’t get the rest of the season, at least not any time soon. My second thought was, why are you so surprised?

I shouldn’t have been surprised because the reasons I liked this show are the reasons other people hate it. It’s too conceptual. There is too much going on and there are too many layers. I think that, for the most part, most people are looking for a show that is easy to watch. People don’t like to come home after work and be challenged by TV, they want it to relax and amuse them. Do No Harm was just not what people were looking for and this is the only reason I can think that people would not want to watch it. The cast is good. The acting was good. The story was interesting. But it was too much. After the first episode, I had a million questions. Who is the real personality that is supposed to be in the body, Ian or Jason? Just because Jason is the “good” guy doesn’t mean he’s the one who should be in charge. Does each personality have the same set of skills? Jason is a doctor, could Ian be one too? Why does Ian take over at the same time each night?

I was thinking that it would be really fun to continue watching this show and having my questions answered (or have more questions and no answers, like LOST). It’s a bummer that people don’t like this type of show.


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I got to spend this past weekend in Vegas with Kyle and my parents! It was such an amazing and fun time and I am so glad I got to go relax and enjoy a few days of drinking, gambling, and no job hunting!

We left early on Friday morning. It’s not a long drive so we got to Vegas in the early afternoon and checked into the Silverton, where we were staying. I’ve stayed there a couple of times and it’s awesome. It’s off The Strip, which I love because I kind of hate really crowded and loud places. I am an old lady, basically. I’m okay with it. After checking in, we drove to The Strip and walked in and out of a bunch of casinos, gambling all the way (of course). By the end of the night, I was exhausted. Maybe it was the traveling, but I think it was probably more about the drinking.

On Saturday Kyle and I woke up and lounged around the room for a bit before getting ready and heading downstairs to the casino. We gambled a bit before meeting up with my parents. We went to The Hard Rock Cafe’ for lunch and then gambled some more. Are you seeing a pattern here? Later in the day we went to Fremont Street where we walked around and hung out for a while before heading back to the Silverton.

On Sunday, I was a mess. I have been sick for a week or so and it really caught up to me on Sunday. I felt like crap and mostly slept away the day. In between sleeping I ate pizza and watched the Beyonce Concert Stupid Bowl. It was actually my favorite day of the trip because it was so relaxing.

On Monday our vacation was over, but we still got to gamble and have an awesome buffet at The M. They had the most amazing hard cider ever and all of their food was just delicious. I slept for most of the car ride home, so it felt like we were there in no time at all. I am usually really bummed about going home after vacation, but it felt really awesome to be home and I think it had a lot to do with the fact that Kyle had most of the next day off and we had an awesome day planned for his birthday. Anyway, I was thrilled to be home and it’s nice to be back into a bit of a routine again!

Wedding Planning: The Caterer

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Yesterday, Kyle, my dad, and I went to meet with the caterer for our wedding! It was pretty simple to choose one because our venue only allows you to use 1 of their 4 caterers. I talked to each of them and asked them to make some sort of menu with lots of Mexican food. They all did, but Arizona Catering had the best menu by far. Of course, Kyle and I are pretty picky about our Mexican food, so we wanted to make sure that it would be really good and not just meh. So we went for a tasting!

Basically, I am in love.




There were salsas and chips and empanadas and tacos and everything tasted amazing. I was really impressed. And with that, one more decision has been made! We have a caterer! And almost a menu! And I had the first fight about wedding stuff with my mom! Everything is right on schedule!

I am really happy that wedding planning has been going so well (so far). I’m actually having a lot of fun with everything, but it’s kind of difficult to plan things when you are trying to please so many people. I know I should just say fuck it and have what I want, but I really think that weddings are about other people, not just the bride and groom. Of course it is our wedding, but if it was really just about us, we would go get married on the beach or a courthouse. But it’s not, it’s about sharing this big life change with the other people in your life, which is why they need to be kept in mind (to an extent) when planning everything.

Wedding Planning: The Dress

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Things have been going pretty well these days! I still haven’t found a job but there have also been some amazing things going on in my life. Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping for the first time. I honestly I didn’t have much of an idea about what I wanted in my dress, so I just planned to try a bunch on so that I would know what I’m looking for next time.

My mom, grandma, and friend Paula all came with me. We went to one dress shop and they couldn’t fit me in because they were short-staffed and already had people who had appointments. I’m a little embarrassed but I had no idea you needed an appointment to look at wedding dresses! My mom called another shop and they were booked too. We basically thought the day was going to be a wash but a few minutes later the second shop called back and said someone had canceled and they could fit me in for a short appointment. I did not want to go. It sounds terrible! But the price range for this shop was just insane to me and I could not imagine trying on dresses that were so expensive. My mom insisted that I go, just to look.

We arrived at a shop called Mariée Bridal in Scottsdale and were greeted by the owner who was just so nice and amazing. She gave me a bunch of clothespins and asked me to mark the dresses that I liked and would want to try on. I picked about ten dresses and then started trying them on! The first one I tried was amazing. I really loved it. I tried on a few more, all of which were so lovely.  Then the owner brought in one more dress. It hadn’t been hanging out when I arrived but she thought I would like it. And boy did I like it. I really never believed anyone when they said that when you try on the perfect dress you instantly know. I loved it and it was gorgeous. The owner brought out a veil and a sash for around my waist and I almost lost it. I looked at my mom and told her I loved it and it was the one.

Long story short, I picked out my wedding dress! Because it’s a designer dress, it takes a few months to arrive at the store, but that’s not an issue since the wedding isn’t until December. Honestly I am so happy that one  more task has been completed but I am completely thrilled to have found such an amazing dress.

The Expectation of Taking Care

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Today I wrote a post for The House Always Wins and you should take a look!

TV: Pretty Little Liars

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There are no spoilers in this post, I promise!

Since I am now officially unemployed (again) I have actually been pretty busy, but not too busy to start a new TV show! I started watching Pretty Little Liars last weekend because it totally seems like a show my sister would have watched. Funny enough, I mentioned that I started watching it to my parents and they said that she did watch it and they’ve kept watching it.

Anyway, I am now hooked. It’s perfectly suspenseful which I love. I hate most scary movies because  most of the time they are really gory and I can’t stand it. Pretty Little Liars is also really addicting. I am almost embarrassed to say how many episodes I’ve watched since Sunday, but I’ve already finished the first season and I’m maybe a quarter into the second season. I told you, I’m pretty obsessive about TV.

Pretty Little Liars is about 4 high school girls who’s best friend died. They have a lot of secrets and are being blackmailed and harassed by someone who only identifies themselves as ‘A’. Obviously there are a ton of crazy things that come out of this and it makes for an incredibly watchable show.

I’m very excited that I have time to watch this show so obsessively right now because it is addicting. Every time an episode is over I tell myself, “Just one more episode…” and usually ends late at night when I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.